Trade and Corporative Law

Listing in the Trade Registry – together we will find the most suitable form to organize your enterprise. This means that, according to your particular case, we will asses the best legal form for the Trade Association you wish to create, its capital and management structure, the participation and the rights of the shareholders in the Association’s contract or in its statue. We will prepare all the documents necessary for your Association to be listed in the Trade Registry and we will assist in the realization of the registration process. We will act in a similar manner when it becomes necessary to change certain conditions.
Liquidation of Trade Associations – when you decide that the existence of your Trade Association is no longer necessary, there is a specific procedure that needs to be followed in order to terminate the Association’s existence and to strike it from the Trade Registry. We will assist you in each step of this procedure.
Insolvency and enterprise reestablishment – if you are a creditor and the person you have lent money to is not fulfilling its obligations, you might have an interest in declaring this individual insolvent. Or maybe someone has begun an unfounded legal procedure to declare you insolvent? Insolvency poses many problems – from the dispute if insolvency or to much unpaid obligations even exist to the determination of the insolvency’s size and the assessment of the possibility of eventual enterprise reestablishment to the manner of dividing the remaining property among the creditors. Here the legal counselor’s aid is not only a possibility, but rather a necessity.
Trade Association’s transformation – here we will deal with the different forms for transforming Trade Associations – merging, division and separation as well as the legal form change – the transformation of the Trade Association from one type to another. These problems are among the most complicated ones in the area of the corporate law.
Transactions with Trade Associations and shares from them – the process relates to acquiring or losing trade status and membership rights, capital restructuring, creation and liquidation of Associations in a working enterprise. There is always more than one way to deal with these issues.
Trade transactions –if one of the parties in such transaction is a Trader, this it is sufficient to define such transaction as a Trade transaction and respectively there is a specific difference from the civil transaction, while, at first, both might look similar. We will help you with consultations and the preparation of the required contracts and other documents, we will participate in negotiations, so that you can rest assured that your interests are protected.