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Auto Casco

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(Coverage of your Own Vehicle under your Policy)
In case you have been involved in an accident, even if you have been at fault.
If the damages of your vehicle have been caused by an unknown individual (on a parking lot) and you have a valid “Casco” policy, your Insurance company has to be notified, according to the previously established order, in order to receive faster compensation, corresponding to the size of the damages.
If you have been involved in an accident due to bad road conditions (holes etc) and this has been established by a traffic police report. Note: even if you do not have a “Casco” policy, in this case you have the right to seek compensation from the municipality responsible for the road maintenance.
These actions require timely response and precision, which we can guarantee in case you chose us to represent you in front of the insurer, in case you have been denied compensation or you believe that the compensation offered to you is insufficient. If the above responses from the insurer are unfounded, you have the right to seek the Court assistance in resolving the dispute. Our competent advice will be the most needed in such case.