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Civil Legislation and Procedures

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Civil Legal Transactions
You conduct civil legal transactions daily, without even thinking about them – you use public transportation – you are a party in a carrier contract, you shop in the store - you participate in a sale/purchase transaction, you leave your car in the shop – you assign a task as a party in a work contract. Of course, in these cases, you don’t need legal help. However, when you enter a contract with long term effects such as renting a property or when the material interest is significant, it pays to set aside a little bit of time and money in order to competently prepare the transaction.
Procedural Representation
If you did not have the time and the means and even if you did and still are incurring a problem with your contracting party, the best way is to solve the dispute among yourselves voluntarily. In all other cases you need an attorney to represent you in Court, even if you are convinced that justice is entirely on your side and even if it is evident that justice is on your side.